Scope of business

1.Chemical Grade Isotank Logistics Service. We can load several thousand kinds of liquid products, including Categories 3, 6, 8, 9 dangerous goods and general cargo.

2. Food Grade Isotank Logistics Service. We can load syrup, vegetable oil, alcohol and other food grade products.

3.Special Isotank Logistics Service. We can provide special Isotank such as BAFFLE/T14/T20/SWAPBODY for liquid cargo with special physical and chemical properties. Meanwhile, we can supply domestic Isotank service by SEA, railway and road transportation among ports/railway stations/door to door in China.

4.Isotank Leasing Service. We can provide personalized long-term and short-term tank rental service. 5.Isotank Management Service. We can supply transportation, customs clearance, cleaning, annual inspection, maintenance and other services for other tank owners.